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Who is Behind


Hello. My name is Jasmine Powell.

I’ve been partnered with a compassionate man, Lachlan, for twenty-three years, who’s been patiently by my side as I’ve slowly evolved.

I’ve also been in psychotherapy for thirteen years with a gifted soul who guides me along my most authentic path and, together, we make sense of my madness.

And in recent years I’ve shared my dreams with a Jungian analyst who helps me meet the ineffable in my unconscious.

I’m supported by other incredible people and I’m deeply appreciative of them journeying with me as I achieve my goals.

My professional goals are to write and create art and mentor and facilitate others in telling the stories that are difficult to tell, and must be told.

My personal endevour is to move from fear to compassion for myself and all others.

And whilst I’ve slept in the hospital bed on numerous occasions, I wish to be defined by wholeness, possibility and creativity, not mental illness, brokenness and disability.



I’m a certified mad woman whose letting my social work registration lapse. I’m also a creative and sensitive entrepreneur. Though none of these roles define who I am.


Masters of social work RMIT
Bachelor of Creative Arts Victorian College of The Arts/University of Melbourne

Further Study

Ceramics creative industries Nillumbik Living & Learning Centre
Freelance Photography Nillumbik Living & Learning Centre
Career as a Journey of the Soul Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination & Vocation
Emotional CPR National Empowerment Centre (USA) at VMIAC
Non Violent Communication NVC Melbourne
Trauma Release Exercises TRE Australia
Holistic Therapy The Awakening Group

The challenges of being a mad artist

Walking our unique creative path in life, without being led astray by negative self-talk, or grandiosity, is a difficult task we’re called to fulfill. That task can make or break us: we’re either living with our feet grounded on the earth, slowly pursuing our authentic creative goals, or were spinning in circles, frustrated and languishing. Or worse, we’re losing touch with reality.

A little bit about my journey

So, naturally, I took well over a decade to begin to express myself creatively in a way that calls to me. Consistently living a present and humble life, when I hate on myself and am also an ambitious dreamer, is difficult.

I’m a strong believer that sensitive creative types need to contribute something unique to them, or they wither, or go mad.

So, I’m finally committed to writing my memoir about my experiences of madness.

What I’ve learnt

But here’s the rub. We’re no good to anyone, or ourselves, in a way that truly matters, if we’re not grounded, present, humble and authentic.


I’ve learnt a lot on my creative journey. I’d love to support you to connect to your deeper calling and take the necessary steps along your unique path.


To guide the voiceless to tell their story, and to tell my own.


I gently support people to listen to their quiet inner self and connect with a meaning and purpose greater than themselves.

Now that you know a little about my journey and the approach I take, let’s talk about your journey.

Specifically, how I can help you to listen to, ground, and follow a genuine creative pathway.


I don’t do this alone.

Below are collaborators I turn to at any moment for guidance, creative or business advice, collaboration on projects, or good long deep chats. They’re only a few of the clever people I collaborate with, and I appreciate them dearly. 


Lachlan Plain

Lachlan Plain

Artistic Director Sanctum Studio

Olivia Rinato

Learning Designer

Susan Shore

Susan Shore

Author & Facilitator