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Who is Behind


Hello. My name is Jasmine Powell.

I’ve been partnered with a compassionate man, Lachlan, for twenty-three years, who’s been patiently by my side as I’ve slowly evolved. I’ve also been in psychotherapy for thirteen years with a gifted soul who guides me along my most authentic path. And in recent years I’ve shared my night dreams with a Jungian analyst who helps me meet the ineffable in my unconscious through the symbolism of my dreams. And I’m on the NDIS accessing a suite of top-notch services to work towards self-sufficiency and hopefully one day having no need for psychosocial services.

I’m grateful for the wide net of supports I have, and I wish to be defined by wellness, possibility, and creativity, not mental illness, brokenness, and disability.


I’m a certified mad woman and social worker. I’m also a creative and sensitive entrepreneur.


Masters of social work RMIT
Bachelor of Creative Arts Victorian College of The Arts/University of Melbourne

Further Study

Ceramics creative industries Nillumbik Living & Learning Centre
Freelance Photography Nillumbik Living & Learning Centre
Career as a Journey of the Soul Life Artistry Centre for Archetype, Imagination & Vocation
Emotional CPR National Empowerment Centre (USA) at VMIAC
Non Violent Communication NVC Melbourne
Trauma Release Exercises TRE Australia
Holistic Therapy The Awakening Group

A little bit about my journey

Defining your unique pathway in life and having the courage to walk it each day has to be one of the most difficult, overwhelming, even paralysing, tasks we are called to fulfill. That task can make or break you: you’re either living with meaning or purpose or you’re languishing, or worse, losing touch with reality.

So, naturally, I took well over a decade to pursue the arts and mentoring that calls to me. Listening to my inner self and following what aligns best with me was more frightening than ending the cycle of madness. I’m a strong believer that sensitive visionary types need to contribute something unique to them, or they wither, or go mad.

It took me until 2020 to come out of the closet publicly as a mad woman with the creation of this website that initially showcased my writing and art. Then another three years to back myself as a mentor. It takes writing about madness, creating art, and mentoring others to put a fire in my belly, which helps me deal with the daily grind. The fire needs a continual supply of oxygen to keep burning.



I’d love to be your trusted mentor



To help sensitive visionaries create a meaningful life through listening to their quiet inner voice, grounding themselves, and following their creative processes to achieve goals that call to them.


Now that you know a little about my journey, let’s talk about yours.

Specifically, how I can help you to listen to, ground, and follow a genuine pathway so you can live with more purpose and alignment with your subtle energies, and enjoy overall wellbeing.


I don’t do this alone.

Below are collaborators I can turn to at any moment for reassurance, guidance, creative or business advice, or good long deep chats. They’re only a few of the clever people I’m supported by, and are appropriate to be listed here. 


Lachlan Plain

Lachlan Plain

Artistic Director Sanctum Studio

Olivia Rinato

Learning Designer

Susan Shore

Susan Shore

Author & Facilitator

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