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Our Birthing Rite [2022]

Our Birthing Rite was a Melbourne-based support group for mothers who have experienced psychosis. We created an art video, titled Folded Wings, that tells of our stories of madness.

We have submitted Folded Wings to the Melbourne International Film Festival!

Unfortunately, we cannot launch the video on the Silent Revolution website as yet, because if our application is successful, Folded Wings needs to premier at MIIF.

Director’s Statement.

I silenced myself for over a decade, unable to speak about my experiences of madness. Now I speak about my madness through my art. It’s funny, many of us know someone who has gone through a crisis, but we often don’t talk about it. In Folded Wings, three women tell their story with a steady mind and open heart. I hope that audiences wonder about their own fault lines, and find the courage to tell their story. We are all more mad than we think.

Our Birthing Rite and Folded Wings was supported by the Victorian Government, Department of Health and Human Services.

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