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Creative Project Facilitation

Jasmine Powell facilitates creative projects with diverse communities to foster wellbeing, and can craft a creative project for your needs.

Jasmine draws upon her journey from catatonia to creative empowerment to powerfully engage project participants. She offers a unique approach that combines the arts and sensitivity to mental health, and applies powerful principles for healing that have helped her find her voice.

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Peer Support

As a Peer Support Worker, Jasmine can share her unique approach to healing such as applying permaculture principles to people


As a self-managed NDIS participant, Jasmine can share the benefits and challenges of choice and control in her life, as well as her principles for best-practice support work


As a mother who has experienced post-partum psychosis, Jasmine can help accept the ups and downs of parenthood


As a practicing artist who identifies as having a mental and emotional vulnerability (aca disability), Jasmine advocates for access and inclusion for artists with mental health challenges


As a mother of a school child, Jasmine can share her passion for wellbeing education and reducing stigma of mental health issues amongst young people.


As a business owner and group facilitator, Jasmine can share how to best support each other for safe and productive work practices.


As an environmentalist inspired by Permaculture, Jasmine can share how she applies permaculture principles to people.


As a registered Social Worker, Jasmine can share about best mental health policy and practice at a local and state level.

Jasmine Powell


I have over fifteen years of experience working in the arts and mental health sectors. I have tried and failed and tried again.

'A valiant spirit'

"Jasmine Powell is a passionate, creative woman who draws on personal experience in her ardent quest for truth and justice. A valiant spirit with a heart of gold, striving to support and inspire others."

John Watkins
John Watkins
Author of 'Unshrinking Psychosis'

'A Couragous Voice'

"Jasmine Powell draws with reflective integrity and creativity on her own experiences living with mental health issues to offer inspiration, support and encouragement to others."

Dr Suzanne Cremen
Dr Suzanne Cremen
Founding Director, Life Artistry Centre

'Passion for Holistic Health'

"Jasmine Powell has a deep compassion for and understanding of holistic health. She is also passionate about the environment and how it affects us in many ways."

Catherine Donnelley
Catherine Donnelley
Wellbeing Mgr, The Salt Foundation

Silent Revolution Partners

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